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Hi, I’m Robin! I act & run marketing campaigns..


I started with theatre when I was 19 and have been passionate about arts since long. 

My digital marketing and graphic designing journey started with theatre groups as well when one of these institutes hired me to manage their social media and promote their upcoming shows. 


Whether it is promoting shows or websites (or even books), or building graphics that communicate with people, or even interesting short or long videos to send accross the right message, I do it all!


And as someone associated with performing arts, I always look forward to a ‘dramatic impact’ in whatever I do.  


I am also experienced in handling theatre productions and short video shoots. Clients mainly include theatre groups and short video production houses.

So to summarize, here’s  what I can do:


  • Production Handling,

  • Digital Marketing,

  • Graphic Design,

  • Animated Graphics,

  • Video Editing,

  • Meta (Facebook and Instagram) Ads,

  • Google Ads,

  • Email Marketing,

  • Social Media Marketing,

  • Good at making Presentations too, hehe!


I appreciate you for taking this time to get to know me. Any queries - Hit me up!

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